Construction Liability and Negligence

What is construction liability?

Construction liability is the area of personal injury law that deals with accidents that occur at construction sites. Since construction accidents may involve both construction workers as well as innocent bystanders at the construction site, various parties may be held liable including the owner of the project, the general contractor and any sub-contractors that may have contributed to the accident.

What does the law say about construction accidents?

Connecticut law provides that a general contractor can be held liable for an injury to a construction worker if he was negligent, or if he exercised control over the project or was responsible for safety at the project.

In addition, a general contractor or owner of the construction project may also be liable to innocent bystanders who are injured while on the construction site.

The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which tracks injuries and fatalities at work throughout the country says that there were 4,188 fatalities occurring at work in private industry in 2011. 738 of those 4,188 fatalities were in construction. The leading cause of deaths on construction sites were falls, followed by electrocution, struck by object, and caught-in/between claims. These are known as the “Fatal Four” and are responsible for nearly three out of every five construction worker deaths in 2011.

Litigation based on construction site injuries is complicated and it is important that you have a lawyer on your side. Do not accept any initial offers of compensation made to you until you speak with a lawyer first. These offers will almost always be low-ball offers in order to get you to go away for the cheapest amount possible.

Attorney Michael P. Foley, Jr. has handled many construction and occupational injury cases and recovered settlements and verdicts for victims and their families, including the recent settlement for a Pipefitter/HVAC Mechanic who sustained a severe injury to his knee when he fell through an open expansion joint during construction at a hospital. If you would like more information about how to proceed with a construction injury lawsuit, please fill out the

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