Truck Accidents

Every year in the United States, there are approximately 500,000 trucking accidents, resulting in 5,000 deaths and 100,000 injuries. Many of these truck accidents also involve the fault of the driver of the car involved in the accident because the car driver did not understand how long it takes for a truck to stop to slow down. Trucking companies are reputable businesses. However, there are some trucking companies, known as rogue truck companies, who flagrantly disregard federal motor carrier safety regulations, alter their log books, fail to properly inspect their trucks, hire truck drivers with poor driving histories and/or criminal backgrounds, and commit violations of other trucking laws.

The reason these truck accidents result in serious injuries is that the average commercial tractor trailer weighs over 80,000 pounds, while a passenger vehicle weighs approximately 3,000 pounds. Therefore, when a tractor trailer is involved in an accident with a car, it often results in very serious or fatal injuries for the occupants of the car.

Many causes of trucking accidents include the following:

  • Improper training on the part of the truck driver;
  • Overloaded or oversized trucks;
  • Improperly maintained or faulty brakes on the trucks;
  • Driving conditions involving poor visibility due to weather conditions such as fog, snow or rain;
  • Truck drivers driving too long and for too many hours without rest;
  • Truck drivers driving at unreasonable speeds or speeds in excess of the posted speed limits;
  • Leaving the roadway;
  • Truck drivers driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs;
  • Truck drivers with histories of prior accidents;
  • Unsafe safety systems, reflectors, lights and other warning devices.

If you were involved in an accident with a truck, you should contact an experienced truck accident attorney right away to assist you with your case. Attorney Michael P. Foley, Jr. has handled numerous truck accident cases for his clients. Remember, if you are contacted by an insurance company for the truck that was involved in the accident, the insurance company adjusters represent the trucking company, not you. Please do not give them any type of statements or sign any releases for medical records which will allow them to contact your doctors without you being present.

Truck companies also have accident investigators that are on call and dispatched to the scene of an accident as soon as the accident is reported. While you or your family members are seeking medical attention for your injuries, investigators for the trucking companies and their insurance companies are busy gathering evidence in order to defend the claim. This is why victims of trucking accidents also need to have someone on their side, such as an experienced truck accident attorney, who will fight for their rights.

Keep in mind that trucking companies are governed by both state and federal law and the established rules and regulations must be followed by the truck drivers and the companies that own the truck. The purpose of these regulations is to make the interstate highways safer by reducing the number of truck accidents. In addition, federal and state laws also can establish additional liability against the owners and operators of the truck involved in the accident if they breach these rules and regulations.

If you were involved in an accident with a truck, please call Attorney Michael P. Foley, Jr. at 203-250-7212 as soon as possible . He can assist you with your claim and answer any questions that you may have regarding your case.

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