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$535,000.00 Settlement for a Man Injured When Struck While Riding a Motorcycle in Greenwich

On September 14, 2013, a 43 year old man was riding a motorcycle on West Putnam Avenue in Greenwich, Connecticut when a 75 year old woman made a left-hand turn out of a private driveway directly in front of the motorcyclist, causing him to skid in order to avoid striking the car and then strike the driver’s side of the woman’s vehicle, causing him to be catapulted over her car where he landed on the highway. At the time of the accident, the man did not have a Connecticut motorcycle operator’s license and his motorcycle was not registered or insured.

The man sustained severe injuries to his left hand and wrist in the accident, specifically lacerations of his small and ring fingers of his left hand, ulnar artery lacerations, ulnar nerve lacerations of his left hand and wrist and decreased sensation in the small and ulnar ring fingers of his left hand. As a result of his injuries, the man was caused to undergo surgery on his left hand and wrist for repair of the tendons in his finger and repair of the ulnar nerve and reinforcement of the ulnar nerve in his wrist. The man was also caused to undergo a second surgery on his left hand, specifically a left forearm exploration surgery, in order to remove debris that was left in his hand from the accident.

Attorney Foley hired an accident reconstructionist, Anthony Cretella, who reviewed all of the evidence and issued an opinion that the driver of the other vehicle was at fault for driving her vehicle from a private driveway onto West Putman Avenue when it was not safe to do so, for failing to yield the right of way to the motorcyclist, and that the speed of the motorcyclist was not a significant contributing factor to the accident.

The defendants had policy limits of $300,000.00. As a result, Attorney Foley had to obtain an attachment on their house in Greenwich at the inception of the case.

The case settled for the sum of $535,000.00 shortly before trial.

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Attorney Foley spent 8 long years as my lawyer, during that time he was my advocate, my friend, and above all an amazing lawyer. I wanted to write this review because in most cases lawyers are concerned with their payday, but not Michael Foley, though he was able to get me an amazing settlement, he became like part of my family, truly advocating for the best medical care during the long process. MIchael is an absolute Bulldog when it comes to protecting his clients, if you need someone in your corner, who won’t ever give up on your case, and actually listens to your needs, then look no further.. Chad Cilfone
Michael Foley is awesome. I have now done three cases with him. He is still working on two. He is so good to my husband and I. We will always use him. We have known him since 2002 he is like family to us. Liz Boucher