$284,000 settlement for three passengers injured in a motor vehicle accident at an intersection

On September 1, 2010, the plaintiffs, a 39 year old woman, a 37 year old woman and a 7 year old boy, were passengers in a motor vehicle that had stopped at a stop sign at an intersection in New Haven, Connecticut. As the driver of the vehicle in which the plaintiffs were passengers proceeded into the intersection, their vehicle was broadsided on the passenger's side by a vehicle proceeding into the intersection at a high rate of speed, causing the vehicle to be demolished and further causing the plaintiffs to sustain serious injuries. The 39 year old woman sustained multiple trauma including an arachnoid hemorrhage, subdural hemorrhage, superior pubic ramus fractures, and non-displaced fracture of the right pelvis, among other injuries. The 37 year old woman sustained various injuries including a C1-C2 subluxation of the cervical spine, along with strain/sprain injuries to her neck and back. The 7 year old boy sustained strain and sprain injuries of his neck and back. Suit was instituted against both drivers in New Haven Superior Court. Following a mediation before Judge Brian Fischer, the parties settled the case for a total amount of $284,000 as follows: the 39 year old woman received the sum of $165,000 the 37 year old woman received the sum of $105,000, and the 7 year old boy received the sum of $14,000 in settlement of this case.

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