$237,500.00 settlement for a 63 year old man who slipped and fell at a grocery store

On June 7, 2014, a 63 year old man was approaching the cash registers at a large grocery store in Meriden when he was caused to slip and fall on a wet and slippery floor, causing his right leg to bend behind him in an awkward position, and further causing him to sustain severe injuries. There were claims of negligence against the store owner for their failure to warn the plaintiff of the defective condition of the store, for their failure to clean up the spill on the floor, and for their failure to properly inspect the store to determine whether there were any dangerous and defective conditions on the floor. As a result of the accident, the plaintiff sustained a tear of the quadriceps tendon of his right leg, which caused him to undergo surgical repair of his torn quadriceps tendon. Thereafter, the plaintiff was admitted for short term rehabilitation and was subsequently admitted to a convalescent home for two months in order to allow him to recover from his injuries. The plaintiff also missed a substantial amount of time from work. Suit was instituted in New Haven Superior Court and the case was settled following a mediation before a Superior Court judge for the sum of $237,500.00.

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