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$1,350,000.00 Settlement for 91 Year Old Female Passenger Who Was Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident

On January 6, 2013, a 91 year old female was a passenger in a motor vehicle that was proceeding into the intersection of East Street and Salmon Brook Road in Granby, Connecticut, where there was a red blinking light and a stop sign, when her motor vehicle was broad sided by a vehicle that was proceeding into the intersection from Salmon Brook Street on a yellow blinking light, causing her to sustain severe injuries. The female plaintiff instituted suit against the operators of both vehicles for her injuries which included multiple trauma, comminuted left inferior pubic ramus fracture, left L1-L2 and L2 and L3 transverse process fractures, left rib fractures, grade 2 liver laceration, injury to the mesentary of the small bowel, collapsed lung, brain damage and injuries to the kidney and bladder, among other injuries. As result of her injuries, the female passenger was placed on life support at the hospital and was caused to undergo four surgeries to repair her pelvic bleeding, liver laceration and other internal injuries.

After suit was instituted, the case settled for both drivers' policy limits totaling $1,350.000.00.

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Attorney Foley spent 8 long years as my lawyer, during that time he was my advocate, my friend, and above all an amazing lawyer. I wanted to write this review because in most cases lawyers are concerned with their payday, but not Michael Foley, though he was able to get me an amazing settlement, he became like part of my family, truly advocating for the best medical care during the long process. MIchael is an absolute Bulldog when it comes to protecting his clients, if you need someone in your corner, who won’t ever give up on your case, and actually listens to your needs, then look no further.. Chad Cilfone
Michael Foley is awesome. I have now done three cases with him. He is still working on two. He is so good to my husband and I. We will always use him. We have known him since 2002 he is like family to us. Liz Boucher